For this holiday season, British brand Popaball developed an innovative vegan gravy that doubles as a tree ornament. The plant-based gravy mix contains edible glitter that promises to make for a “shim-merry Christmas dinner.” Glitter Gravy is the first food product produced by the brand, which typically makes alcoholic drink additions such as sugar for rimming glasses, flavor bubbles, and glitter gin liqueurs. “We made some glitter gravy for Christmas dinner one year and it made everyone laugh” Tanja Quinn, marketing director at Popaball, told The Grocer. “It was a real talking point and [I] thought, ‘I know who else would love this—our customers.’” Mixing the contents of the ball with approximately five cups of boiling water yields 12 servings of glittery gravy. The ball can also be refilled—the company suggests stuffing it with either candy or gin—and hung on the tree again. 

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