United Kingdom-based vegan food brand VBites—owned by British vegan media personality Heather Mills—recently announced that it will be expanding its new line of soy-based vegan cheeses to the United States. The line includes flavors such as Red and White Cheddar, Hard Italian, Edam, Blue-Style, Pepperjack, and Mozzarella. “After a lot of hard work perfecting the texture and taste, we’ve finalized the recipes and we are excited to hear what people think,” VBites said. “So far we have had great feedback from everyone that has tried them. You can use this cheese in a range of recipes from lasagne, mac and cheese, pizza, salad, and pasta.” The company also recently purchased a 200,000-square-foot factory to expand production and is planning to add another 370,000 square feet in order to meet the increasing demand for its vegan products.