26 Tons of Chicken Nuggets Recalled; Rubber and Milk Contamination to Blame

More than 16,000 chickens are killed by Tyson and Perdue for nothing. 


This week, both Tyson and Perdue issued recalls of a total of 52,000 pounds (26 tons) of chicken nuggets. Perdue recalled 16,000 pounds of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets after it failed to declare that the products contained milk. Soon after, Tyson recalled 36,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets after customers reported finding chunks of rubber inside the products. Typically, one three-pound chicken is made into approximately 80 “nuggets,” which means this recall resulted in the deaths of more than 16,000 chickens. Plant-based companies are working on solutions to the needless waste of chicken lives, including technology startup Seattle Food Tech which developed a vegan chicken nugget and the technology to scale its production at a rate it aims will displace its animal-based counterpart in schools and hospitals in coming years.

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