New vegan bar Life on Mars—named after David Bowie’s popular song—will open in Seattle in May. The bar is a collaboration between vegan radio DJs John Richards and his partner Amy Richards, concert venue Neumos owner Steve Severin, and former board member for teen-run music venue The Vera Project Leigh Sims. The bar’s mission is “to create a relaxed bar with good music, deep comfy booths, a gigantic wall of vinyl, local beers, unfussy cocktails, and a plant-based menu.” Food will be prepared by chef Joe Ball and will include options such as waffle sliders stuffed with a choice of chicken-fried artichokes, barbecue pulled jackfruit, or coconut bacon. The team hopes to create a community atmosphere at Life on Mars centered around music. “We still love the experience of holding an album, flipping a record, and gathering in a record shop,” the group said in a statement. “The bar is a way to mix music and gathering friends that’s not than a live venue or a DJ booth—and with drinking.”

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