Chef Gordon Ramsay will soon add the BSK Impossible Burger to the menu at his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant in Singapore—an offshoot of the restaurant’s London location. The new burger will feature a plant-based Impossible Burger, a patty that the restaurant’s executive chef Sabrina Stillhart described as “rich in flavors” and with “unique texture,” noting that she believes it will be “welcomed by meat-lovers.” In addition to the upcoming burger, the restaurant currently offers a separate vegan menu that features an arugula-topped flatbread appetizer, three salad options, two entrees (Tomato Risotto and Charred Cauliflower), and vegetable sides. Once a critic of veganism, Ramsay has embraced consumer interest in plant-based foods in recent months. Last year, the chef promoted his first vegan menu item at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza—a cheese-free eggplant pizza served with pine nuts, tomato, and garlic pesto—with a cryptic tweet that read, “Going to give this #vegan thing a try.” This year, the chef developed a vegan menu for Veganuary—complete with a hearty Beet Wellington—which he promoted to his 6.9 million Twitter followers during the month of January. Bread Street Kitchen is one of several restaurants in Singapore that will soon debut the Impossible Burger, including Wolfgang Puck’s CUT (which will serve it as The Impossible Slider) and David Myers’ Adrift (which will feature the patty as a meatless filling for the Impossible Sausage Roll).

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