Furniture company IKEA will soon add KORVMOJ—10-pack of its vegan hot dogs—to the Swedish food retail section of its stores. Last year, IKEA tested the vegan hot dog—made from kale, red lentils, quinoa, onion, and carrots, and topped with fried onions and pickled cabbage—on the bistro menu at one Sweden-based store before expanding the offering to locations across Europe and the United States. This month, IKEA reported that it sold 5 million vegan hot dogs at its in-store bistros, prompting it to create a packaged product that customers can enjoy at home. “When starting the development of the veggie hot dog, we asked ourselves: ‘Has a plant-based hot dog the potential of becoming as loved by the many as the traditional hot dog?’” Michael La Cour, managing director IKEA Food Services AB, said. “For me the success of the veggie hot dog in the Bistro and now the launch of KORVMOJ confirms our hopes and really lifts this plant-based alternative to the same level as our iconic hot dog.” The packaged vegan hot dogs will first be available at European locations starting in March, with North American and Asia Pacific locations to follow.

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