LemonShark Poké—the third largest poké franchise in the country—is testing a plant-based tuna alternative in three California locations before expanding the option to its locations nationwide. The new vegan option features Ocean Hugger Foods’ “Ahimi”—a tomato-based tuna alternative made with tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, water, and sesame oil. “LemonShark Poké’s mission is to serve delicious food made with only the finest ingredients at a great value, and nourish the body,” LemonShark Poké President and Co-Founder Tobi Miller said. “When looking at our menu and where 2019 would take us, we knew it was time to offer an option for all of our LemonShark fans, which range from herbivores to vegetarians and vegans.” Ocean Hugger Foods’ founder James Corwell developed Ahimi after he witnessed the horrors inside the Tsukiji fish market in Japan. The product first launched in 2017 in the sushi cases at select Whole Foods Markets, and the company is currently expanding distribution globally and developing new products such as “Unami” (an eggplant-based replacement for eel) and “Sakimi” (a carrot-based alternative to salmon).