Starting this month, fast-food chain Burger Wisconsin will add the vegan Hungry Planet Burger to the menu of its 25 locations across New Zealand. The new burger option features a meatless patty made by United States-based brand Hungry Planet and is served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and “vegan boss sauce.” Brother-and-sister-duo Todd and Jody Boyman launched Hungry Plant in 2014 to help reduce the environmentally devastating impact of animal agriculture. “Hungry Planet burgers are a perfect substitute for people who care about preserving our environment for future generations, whether they are vegans, vegetarians, or meat-eaters,” Conor Kerlin, brand development and customer experience manager for Burger Wisconsin’s parent company, Mariposa Restaurant Holdings, said. “Most importantly, they taste awesome, and we know they will be popular both with our fans and our franchisees.” The partnership with Burger Wisconsin is Hungry Planet’s first distribution partner in New Zealand. “We are rapidly expanding internationally, and it is ideal when we find partners who share our mission of providing amazingly tasty food that is also healthful and sustainable, good for our taste buds, and good for our bodies and the planet,” Todd Boyman said. In addition to its vegan burger patties, Hungry Planet makes plant-based beef grounds, chicken, pork, crab, Italian sausage, chorizo and other plant-based meats available for use by culinary professionals.