Last week, sisters Rachel and Charlotte Stevens opened La Fauxmagerie in Brixton Village, England as the United Kingdom’s first “cheesemonger.” The shop sells a collection of “daringly crafted” vegan cheeses and other goods sourced from local brands, including nacho cheese and Greek-style flavors from The Kinda Co., smoked and pink peppercorn varieties from Tyne Cheese, and nut-based wedges from I Am Nut Ok. The shop is also dedicated to reducing waste by offering its products in plastic-free, recyclable packaging and wrapping its cheeses in biodegradable paper. La Fauxmagerie sold out of much of its stock within two days of opening with plans to replenish its inventory as soon as possible. While the local community is supportive of the new business, UK’s dairy industry is responding with threats of legal action. “Dairy UK has a duty to ensure the nutritional and health benefits of real dairy are recognized by and communicated to consumers,” a Dairy UK spokesperson told The Telegraph. “It concerns us that consumers are being misled with the use of dairy terms like cheese by the plant-based sector.” All items inside of La Fauxmagerie are clearly labeled “plant-based,” “dairy-free,” and other appropriate qualifiers for cheese that is made from non-animal-derived sources.