Today, Starbucks unveiled the Cloud Macchiato, a beverage that features espresso, a milk-based foam made with egg white powder, and a caramel drizzle that contains butter and cream. To promote the new beverage, Starbucks teamed with purportedly vegan singer Ariana Grande—a Starbucks fan herself with a history of joking that her last name is the same as one of the chain’s drink size options. Grande began promoting the beverage yesterday on social media by tweeting several cryptic emojis (including her signature cloud emojis), a campaign that excited Grande’s vegan fans. Today, the singer tweeted photos of herself and several dogs enjoying a cold version through a metal straw with the hashtag #trythesoyversion.” A spokesperson for Starbucks has confirmed to VegNews that the Cloud Macchiato cannot be made vegan, even if soy milk is used in place of dairy milk, as the foam is made with egg whites. Fans on Twitter criticized the star for promoting a beverage that could not be made vegan. “Just not sure why you would be an ambassador for this particular drink if you’re vegan,” one follower posted. “Would have been nice to see you use your influence for a plant-based food option or a drink that can be made vegan.” Aside from a 2015 incident wherein Grande licked a non-vegan doughnut inside a shop in Los Angeles, the singer has avidly promoted her love of animals and commitment to an animal-free diet. “Why [do] you say that you are a vegan and love animals and then you have eggs in the drink you have in Starbucks?” another fan tweeted. “I thought this campaign would be great to spread veganism and compassion to animals, as well. So disappointing.”

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