Vegan makeup brand 100% Pure recently launched its “Purchase with a Purpose” Program which provides ongoing support to homeless, abandoned dogs that are rescued year-round. For every 100% Pure product purchased, the brand will donate one bowl of vegan dog food to shelter dogs. The program is rooted in the brand’s mission to improve the lives of animals and help end animal cruelty globally—beyond the beauty industry. “While we’ve donated to various animal-welfare groups throughout each year, this program is the next step towards making an even bigger difference long-term,” Ric Kostick, founder and CEO of 100% Pure, told VegNews. “We hope to not only save the lives of as many shelter dogs who were mistreated or abandoned as possible, but also inspire positive global change across all industries for cruelty-free living.” According to resource website Plant-Powered Dog, one bowl of vegan dog food can save an estimated 60 square feet of rainforest, 90 pounds of grain, 2,000 gallons of water, the lives of at least two animals who might otherwise be slaughtered, and one hungry dog each day. “It’s not only far more sustainable for the environment than animal-based food, but a vitamin-rich vegan diet also has many health benefits for dogs,” Kostick said. So far, the brand has donated 10,129 meals to animals through the program.

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