Cadbury Crème Egg-Inspired Vegan Fudge Vaginas Debut in Time for Easter

You can send a Fudgeina—vegan fudge in the shape of a vagina—to anyone worldwide, including yourself.


United Kingdom-based Fudgeina recently developed an innovative gift (or prank): a vagina-shaped vegan fudge that can be delivered anonymously in a discreet box. “The internet is full of services to send your friends (or enemies) dicks, poop, or potatoes; but I couldn’t find a way to send a vagina, so I thought why not start it myself,” Fudgeina founder Matt Garbutt told Metro UK. “While searching for what I could make the vaginas out of, I stumbled upon fudge, and then the name really made itself. The fudge is made by our artisan fudge maker, and then hand poured into our one of a kind mold.” Garbutt’s vegan fudge vaginas (technically vulvas) are available in strawberry, vanilla, and a special crème egg-inspired (à la Cadbury) Easter flavor, along with a solid chocolate vagina variety. Fudgeina offers free shipping across the United Kingdom and can deliver its vegan vaginas, with an optional hand-written note, to customers worldwide.   

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