Ingredient giant DuPont recently promoted its textured soy protein product at Mexico’s Expo Carnes y Lácteos, a trade show for the meat and dairy industry. The vegan ingredient was served as meat-free fajitas, chorizo, and tinga (a Mexican dish typically made with shredded meat). “As a trend, demand for plant-based meat alternatives is still small in Mexico but there is definitely interest and that’s why we are showing these prototypes,” Victor Ortiz, DuPont sales director for meat and bakery, told media outlet FoodNavigator-LATAM. “This show is a big opportunity to show off these ingredients and highlight how versatile they are.” DuPont wanted to demonstrate to attendees that incorporating soy into traditional Mexican dishes is simple. “We can include [the soy protein] in any kind of product and customize them for local flavors and tastes,” Ortiz said. “Regular Mexican meals that people are familiar with can be prepared with plant-based ingredients.” DuPont has developed a number of plant-based protein ingredients that deliver a range of properties, protein levels, and physical formats for product manufacturers. This week, the company unveiled six protein nuggets made of pea and soy protein that can be used by manufacturers to add or increase the plant-protein content in products such as cereal, nutrition bars, and snacks.

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