Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will debut vegan protein options to the menu at its United Kingdom locations this year. Last May, the chain teased that it began developing these options—which are rumored to be either vegan or vegetarian versions of its fried chicken—to appease the growing demand for plant-based foods. “Veganism as a trend has really blown up. We’re currently in the process of working on both vegetarian and vegan options in the innovation kitchen here in our head office,” KFC Innovation Director Jack Hinchcliffe told The Telegraph. “While KFC is not yet sharing details of the exact menu items, Hinchcliffe explained that the forthcoming options will be more interesting than a bean patty or plain salad. “That lets down vegans,” Hinchcliffe said. “For us, it’s about taking the amazing tastes of KFC and offering those in a vegetarian or vegan alternative.” Last year, KFC introduced two vegan chicken options—a sandwich and a salad—at its outposts in Vietnam to give local Buddhists a plant-based option.

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