Las Vegas’ first-ever Vegan Tacos and Beer Fest will take place on May 4. Hosted by vegan taco eatery Tacotarian and meat-based Mexican restaurant Tacos and Beer, the event features a lineup of nearly 100 vegan beers from more than 25 breweries such as CraftHause, Able Baker, Belching Beaver, Modern Times, Mason, and Mikkeller SD. “Most people don’t even realize that not all beer is vegan—some beers are filtered with isinglass (fish bladder) or contain dairy which makes them unsuitable for people living a vegan lifestyle,” Carlos Corral, co-owner of Tacotarian and General Manager of Tacos and Beer, said. “By putting together this event, vegans and non-vegans can enjoy an amazing day of drinking and eating without having to worry about ingredients.” The event’s vegan food menu will feature items such as Frito Pie, nachos, chorizo tacos, fried Oreos, boozy popsicles, and beer floats made from almond- and coconut-milk ice cream.

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