New film We Are Boats was made on an all-vegan set. According to producer James Bird, the film is the first to abstain from using animal products on set in both food and wardrobe. The movie features a 50 percent female (and 41 percent POC) cast, a female composer, and includes Westworld actors Angela Sarafyan and Luke Hemsworth and Orange is the New Black star Uzo Aduba. The plot revolves around Francesca (played by Sarafyan), a prostitute who dies at the hands of a client and returns to the living world to guide others on earth through difficult times with the promise of being rewarded an opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one if she succeeds. “We Are Boats is a film about life, death, friendship, and true love,” Bird told media outlet Variety. The film premiered at the AFI Cannes film festival and won the best feature film award before being presented at the Napa Valley Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, and Orlando Film Festival. We Are Boats was released on March 8 (International Women’s Day) in limited theaters and will be available on DVD in April