New York Bill Pushes to Ban Fur by 2021

New York may follow in California’s footsteps to ban the sale and production of cruelly begotten animal skins.


This month, New York assemblywoman and animal-rights activist Linda Rosenthal introduced new legislation that would ban the sale and production of fur statewide by 2021. “Increasingly, consumers are looking to make ethical and sustainable purchases—fur is neither of those,” Rosenthal said. “The fur trade has at its core a violence toward animals that is antithetical with our modern views on animals as human companions and sentient beings.” Fur bans are currently in effect in several California cities, including West Hollywood, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In December, assemblywoman Laura Friedman proposed California State Fur Ban (AB 44) which passed its first hearing, 8 to 4, in front of the California Assembly’s Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee on March 12.

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