Survivor Contestant Refuses to Kill Chickens Even Though She Eats Them

Los Angeles resident Wendy Diaz eats chickens at home because “they’re already dead” but finds sympathy for live chickens her teammates want to kill for food.


Wendy Diaz, a contestant on Survivor: Edge of Extinction, refused to kill chickens for food on a recent episode of the long-running reality show. The Los Angeles resident and her team members had survived mostly on rice for three weeks before winning a challenge that granted them access to a live rooster and three hens. Diaz, who typically consumes animal products, including chickens, announced that she did not want to kill the animals for food. “The players signed up for this game, not the chickens, so why should they be penalized?” Diaz asked. Diaz then stole the only piece of flint to prevent the tribe from lighting a fire to cook the chickens. The contestant justified her habit of consuming chickens at home by reasoning that they come from factory farms and stating, “They’re already dead.”

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