This week, musician Usher Raymond IV (professionally known as “Usher”) was the latest celebrity to get “sluttified” at vegan eatery The Slutty Vegan in Atlanta. In 2018, founder Pinky Cole opened Slutty Vegan as a food truck concept with provocatively named menu items to make veganism attractive to locals. By January, 500 customers were waiting in line for five hours to get “sluttified”—the term Cole uses to describe customers sampling the truck’s vegan offerings for the first time. Usher is the most recent celebrity to visit the newly opened brick-and-mortar version of the truck. “I chose a Ménage à Trois burger,” he said in an Instagram video. “Yeah, I’m feeling frisky.” After pointing out that the burger had vegan bacon on it, Usher said, “Look at that. It’s cool,” before taking a big bite. “This is good,” he said and repeated, “This is good.” Earlier this year, Tyler Perry, Snoop Dog, and Lena Waithe all got “sluttified” by visiting the popular Atlanta vegan hangout. The company recently embarked on the “Gettin’ Slutty Tour” to bring its popular food to other parts of the country and will be making its way to the West Coast at the end of the month.