Restaurant chain Chipotle recently launched the Home Grown Chipotle box, a home-growing kit of its most popular plant-based flavors. Each $25 box, launched on Plant a Seed Day (March 20), contains seeds, supplies, and instructions for six vegetables that are integral to Chipotle’s menu: cilantro, tomato, pinto beans, jalapeño pepper, bell pepper, and onion. “One of the things that makes Chipotle so unique is the dedication we have to real ingredients that are prepared fresh daily and sourced responsibly,” said Caitlin Leibert, Sustainability Director at Chipotle. “We believe a strong connection to where your food comes from, and how it was raised, helps create a healthier lifestyle and ultimately, cultivates a better world.” All sales from the Home Grown Chipotle box are donated to Big Green, a non-profit organization that encourages children to grow their own produce through food literacy programs and learning farms. In stores, Chipotle is also focusing on putting plants at the top of the menu. Earlier this month, the customization-focused chain added a Vegan Bowl—which features tofu-based Sofritas—to its line of diet-centric permanent menu items.  

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