Today, Australian chain Grill’d removed all meat from its menu to emphasize its new plant-based options made with the vegan Beyond Burger patty. The company declared a “24-Hour Meat Cheat” after learning that 83 percent of Australians consume one meatless meal per week, and one-third would further reduce their meat consumption if great-tasting vegan options were readily available. “Sales of Grill’d’s meat-free burgers grew more than 100 percent in the past year alone. The biggest increase we’ve seen is in the number of meat-eaters who are now choosing plant-based options—especially in the under 30s age group,” Grill’d Founder Simon Crowe said. “Whether it’s for health reasons, animal rights, or climate change, the demand is very real.” While the chain plans to begin serving meat again tomorrow, Grill’d aims to transition its menu to be 50 percent plant-based by 2020.

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