Brazilian Singer Larissa de Macedo Machado (known professionally as “Anitta”) recently revealed to music media outlet Billboard that she has adopted a vegan lifestyle. The singer—whose music has the highest number of streams on Spotify Brazil—eschewed animal products in January after watching vegan documentary Cowspiracy. “She’s the hardest-working person I’ve ever met,” Carina Liberato, a member of Machado’s management team, said. “One of her greatest goals is to prove not only to herself but to everyone that we are all capable of doing great things and going wherever we want, even if the way is not easy and is full of obstacles.” Billboard interviewed Machado while she dined at the West Hollywood location of vegan eatery Gracias Madre, where she ordered guacamole and Key lime mousse. On her 26th birthday this year, Machado revealed that she served guests vegan burgers and hot dogs. The singer will perform during Billboard’s Latin Music Week—which airs on Spanish-language network Telemundo on April 25—and will also speak on its “Women in the Lead” panel.

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