Canadian outerwear brand Canada Goose (CG) may soon offer winter coats with faux fur trim, according to Canadian animal-rights activist Jenny McQueen. The controversial brand is regularly targeted by activists for its use of coyote fur trim and goose down lining in its coats, and the inhumane treatment of those animals. McQueen, who volunteers with grassroots networks Direct Action Everywhere and Toronto Pig Save, spoke to a man who claimed to be a CG employee during a recent protest. “He and his wife stopped at a protest outside of a Toronto butcher,” McQueen told VegNews. “I spotted he had a pristine CG coat on without the fur, asked his partner if he’d removed it, and she told me they sell without the fur, which I’m aware of. She then told me he works for CG. I immediately started questioning him about the use of coyote fur and how awful using real fur is, [and] that’s when he replied about the faux fur. I confirmed with him that it wasn’t the tightly curled black wool that I’d seen on some CG coats, and he said no, it was faux fur.” McQueen campaigns on the streets of Toronto throughout the winter, educating owners of CG jackets about the cruel reality of real fur and asking them to zip or unbutton the fur off their hoods which she then donates to sanctuaries where it can be used to comfort baby animals. McQueen said she ultimately hopes that CG removes or replaces fur altogether.

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