This month, Kat Von D Beauty—founded by vegan entrepreneur Kat Von D—debuted its Go Big or Go Home vegan mascara, its first mascara launch in five years. Many brands include beeswax in their mascara formulations to improve texture, but Von D’s vegan formula achieves the same feel with a blend of sunflower and olive oils. The new mascara promises to deliver “extreme vegan volume” and is available in an ultra-black hue. “We paid particular attention to the ‘weight’ of the formula,” Nancy McGuire, vice president of product development for Kat Von D Beauty, told Glamour. “If the formula is too heavy, lashes droop during the day, and we wanted yours to be as good when you go home as when you first apply.” The new vegan mascara ($23) is available at Sephora and through the Kat Von D Beauty website. In addition to creating innovative products through her beauty brand, Von D is working on launching unisex vegan shoe brand Kat Von D Shoes which will include 25 styles in sizes 5 through 12.