This month, the “Plant Girls”—inspired by the influential ‘90s girl group, the Spice Girls—have embarked on a campaign advocating for a vegan, plant-based approach to beauty. This unique collaboration involves Chella, a leader in clean beauty, and the Vegan Women Summit (VWS), the premier global community committed to fostering a more compassionate world (VegNews is the official media partner for VWS). 

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The campaign, which features makeup from Chella’s Pathfinder palette and Caire Skincare, with hair styling by Carl Nuhfer, aims to inspire individuals to embrace a lifestyle kind to themselves, animals, and the planet. 

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The “Plant Girls” campaign features five prominent women from diverse professional backgrounds, including Dr. Danielle Belardo, Sharon Carpenter, Joanne Molinaro (The Korean Vegan), Chef Priyanka Naik, and Jennifer Stojkovic. Each personifies a character based on the original Spice Girls (Mel B as “Scary Spice,” Melanie C as “Sporty Spice,” Emma Bunton as “Baby Spice,” Geri Halliwell as “Ginger Spice,” and Victoria Beckham as “Posh Spice”). The group officially broke up in 2001.

The initiative highlights each leader’s unique contributions in their fields. Dr. Belardo, known as “Baby Plant,” emphasizes the heart health benefits of a plant-based diet. Carpenter, “Posh Plant,” brings vegan beauty to a broad audience, showcasing its elegance and accessibility. Molinaro, “Sporty Plant,” shares her journey of vitality and transformation through a vegan diet. Chef Naik, “Scary Plant,” proves that plant-based eating can be innovative and exciting without intimidating ingredients. Finally, Stojkovic, “Ginger Plant,” represents the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship within the vegan industry.

Stojkovic says the idea for the campaign came about to showcase the importance of diverse female leadership.

“[A]s Millennial women, we could not think of a more iconic symbol of girl power,” Stojkovic said in a statement. “With this campaign, we’re not just honoring the inspiration of our childhood, but helping build representation and inclusivity for other young girls growing up everywhere to see who they could be one day.”

Stojkovic is the author of the 2022 best-selling book on women in the food industry, The Future of Food Is Female.


Chella’s CEO, Chris Kolodziejski, praised the campaign. “I’m thrilled to partner with Vegan Women Summit (VWS) and Jennifer Stojkovic to bring awareness to the power of clean, compassionate living,” he said. “At Chella, we’ve always believed in clean beauty and sustainability, and five years ago we began transitioning to fully vegan formulas after embracing a plant-based lifestyle transformed my health and saved my life. I’ve been deeply inspired by the VWS mission, and now, together, we’re sharing a message of hope with the Plant Girls and Pathfinder Palette — it’s time to Plant Up Your Life!”

The Pathfinder Eyeshadow Palette will be available for pre-sale online starting April 9th and will officially launch at The Vegan Women Summit 2024 in Hollywood this May—VWS is the world’s largest vegan conference. Want to be among the first to test it out? Grab your tickets here.

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