Meat-industry expert Eric Bohl, Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy for Missouri Farm Bureau, recently sampled the Impossible Whopper—a plant-based burger that Burger King debuted at 59 locations in St. Louis, MO this month. “If I didn’t know what I was eating, I would have no idea it was not beef,” Bohl said in a review of the plant-based patty that he sampled alongside the original beef-based Whopper. “If farmers and ranchers think we can mock and dismiss these products as a passing fad, we’re kidding ourselves. This is not just another disgusting tofu burger that only a dedicated hippie could convince himself to eat. It’s 95 percent of the way there, and the recipe is likely to only get better. Farmers and ranchers need to take notice and get ready to compete.” In 2016, Impossible Foods launched the first version of its Impossible Burger at select restaurants. Since, the company has invested in extensive research and development to create its second iteration, Impossible Burger 2.0, which it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The company is already working on an Impossible Burger 3.0 in its efforts to make its plant-based burger indiscernible from beef and aims to replace all food animals exploited in animal agriculture by 2035. “We are relentless in our quest to consistently improve the Impossible Burger,” Impossible Foods Chief Science Officer David Lipman said. “The cow can’t compete.”