Technology authorities Digital Trends and Engadget named the Impossible Burger 2.0 the Top Tech Winner and Best of the Best, respectfully, during the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. Impossible Foods—the first company to present a food product at CES, where technologies such as a walking car, body-activated smartwatch, and “roll-away” televisions were unveiled—debuted a new iteration of its flagship Impossible Burger patty that it reformulated to better approximate beef through extensive research and development. “By shrinking the flavor gap between real meat and fake meat, Impossible is making it easier for everyone to make more environmentally conscious food choices—and that’s a big deal,” Digital Trends editor Drew Prindle said. “Animal agriculture is the number one cause of environmental destruction in the world, so reducing humanity’s consumption and cultivation of meat is arguably one of the most effective ways that we can combat climate change.” Vegan innovators have come to the forefront of the technology industry, which has historically been dominated by non-food consumer products. Late last year, Popular Science named mung bean-based egg replacer JUST Egg one of its 100 best innovations of 2018, while Time highlighted both JUST Egg and Beyond Meat’s porkless Beyond Sausage on its own year-end innovation lists. Impossible Burger 2.0 is now available at all White Castle locations and will be available to the plant-based company’s other restaurant partners starting February 4 before debuting in the retail sector later this year.

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