This Easter, nearly one third of Brits (30 percent) will opt for a meatless main meal, according to a survey conducted by One Poll on behalf of United Kingdom-based vegan company The Meatless Farm Co. The survey polled a representative population of 1,000 individuals and found that 49 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds are planning a meatless Easter. Regionally, the trend is most prominent in the North East where 43 percent of respondents will go meat-free for the holiday followed by 37 percent of Londoners who plan to do so. Last Christmas, one in five Brits served a meatless meal according to a report compiled by supermarket chain Tesco. Outside of holiday meals, the UK population is increasingly turning to plant-based options with 48 percent opting for vegan milk when purchasing coffee beverages outside of the home. Currently, approximately 3.5 million Britons identify as vegan (or seven percent of the total population)—an increase of 600 percent since 2016 according to consumer research company Compare the Market Ltd.

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