Nearly half (48 percent) of British coffee consumers choose plant-based milk options when purchasing these beverages outside of the home, according to new research conducted by Belgium-based vegan brand Alpro. “Our new research shows there is a massive opportunity for coffee outlets of all shapes and sizes to make sure they are making the most of plant-based during the year to come,” Abbie Hickman, Alpro United Kingdom and Ireland’s head of coffee marketing, said. “No longer a niche offering, plant-based has now firmly hit the mainstream as a choice for an ever-increasing number of coffee drinkers, irrespective of their dietary persuasion.” Alpro found that approximately 3 million Brits purchase 21 million plant-based coffee beverages every week. “To make the most of this opportunity, baristas and coffee shop owners should add a broad choice of plant-based options to their menu,” Hickman said. In recent years, coffee shops have added vegan options to meet this demand, including Starbucks UK which reformulated the mix for its iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte last year without animal products.

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