Television network Animal Planet will soon begin taping a new show that showcases the vegan mission of farmed-animal rescue organization Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea, MI. In 2016, Animal activist Dan McKernan and his father Tom McKernan converted their family farm into a sanctuary that rescues animals from factory farms, natural disasters, and other neglectful or exploitative situations. “All of us at Barn Sanctuary are thrilled to open our barn doors to Animal Planet’s millions of viewers,” Dan McKernan said. “This show will give farmed animals the chance to be seen in a different light as we rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving home to abused and neglected farmed animals.” The series is comprised of 12 one-hour episodes that highlight the McKernan family’s journey and documents the life stories of Barn Sanctuary’s rescued pigs, chickens, cows, and goats. “There is an enormous and rare opportunity to show the world who these incredible animals are, and we’re touched by the outpouring of excitement,” Barn Sanctuary executive director Kelly Holt said. “The lifesaving work we do will undoubtedly capture the hearts of millions, and we’re grateful to Animal Planet for the opportunity.” Animal Planet will begin filming the show on May 1 and plans to air the program by the end of this year.