McCormick & Company, Inc.—a 129-year-old spice brand—named vegan Mexican as a “flavor in focus” of 2019. For 20 years, the company has published a Flavor Forecast report that highlights trending flavors across restaurant menus around the world and this year, vegan Mexican cooking is a standout. McCormick Executive Chef Kevan Vetter explained that the flavor trend is a combination of both Mexican and vegan cooking. “It’s the two together, looking at Mexican food from a vegan lens, that appeals to Americans,” Vetter said. “Some consumers hear vegan and are intimidated. We found that leaning into familiar foods is a great entry into this trend.” To celebrate the flavor, McCormick developed vegan recipes such as cauliflower queso sauce, butternut squash tacos al pastor, and tres leches cake, which it published on its Flavor Forecast website alongside tips such as using “pulled eggplant” in lieu of pork and replacing chorizo with crumbled chickpeas.