Ford’s Bronco model is getting a complete vegan-friendly makeover thanks to Los Angeles-based design studio Zero Labs. The new Bronco is fully electric and features updated design elements such as a carbon-fiber body, walnut or bamboo paneling, and a vegan leather interior option. “Our premium classic electric vehicles are handcrafted to show car quality seamlessly powered by a covert all-electric drive system,” Zero Labs described the new Bronco on its website. “They are designed to be low maintenance, environment-friendly, at superior luxury and refinement. Our goal is to offer everything you love, minus everything you hate. To be enjoyed now and well into the future.” The production date and price of the updated Ford Bronco has not yet been released and only 150 of the new models are currently available for reservation. Ford’s new concept aligns with a new generation of vegan-friendly vehicles soon to hit the market, including Audi’s e-tron GT, Volvo’s Polestar 2, and Volkswagen’s ID Roomzz—an electric sports utility vehicle outfitted in vegan leather made from apples.