More than one quarter (25.3 percent) of German festival-goers desire better availability of vegan food at entertainment events, according to global ticketing platform Eventbrite. With the help of market research company GapFish, Eventbrite surveyed a representative population of 1,000 German citizens that have attended a festival in the last 12 months. Eventbrite hopes that its findings will inform festival organizers of the changes necessary to fulfill the needs of modern festival-goers. “For our partners in the music industry—independent, innovative organisers—the 2019 festival trends are excellent news,” Ole Feltes, Strategic Account Manager at Eventbrite, said. “Smaller events can respond faster and with less effort to such changes in the preferences of their visitors and adapt and focus their festivals accordingly, which helps to occupy attractive niches.” In addition to more vegan food, 75.5 percent of fest-goers expressed a desire for more sustainable festival practices, including the avoidance of plastics, installation of water dispensers, and better recycling programs.