Vegan and “climate positive” footwear brand Elliot Footwear recently launched its first collection through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The brand offers classic and high-top sneaker styles that were designed in Copenhagen and made in Spain. The brand’s vegan-leather sneakers are made using 100-percent recycled microfiber that is produced using less water than standard footwear and is free of chemicals. The recycled canvas styles feature recycled rubber soles and are produced using solar-powered energy and almost no water. With this collection, founders Mikkel Bang, Lars Balstrup Joergensen, and Sam Carew aim to challenge the fashion industry in what it means for a brand to be climate-friendly. According to the founders, each pair of Elliot shoes offsets one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions compared to standard shoes. “Lars, Sam and I have a common passion for aesthetic sneakers and we wanted to create a company that not only delivered the perfect silhouette, but also pushed the boundaries of how sustainable brands can help the planet,” Bang told VegNews. “After a year in the works, we came up with Elliott, a vegan, recyclable, and climate-positive footwear brand; a brand with a climate agenda and what we believe are great-looking sneakers.” The founders are also developing and implementing a closed-loop recycling system that allows consumers to recycle their Elliot sneakers at approved recycling partners.

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