McDonald’s Australia recently announced it is working on a meatless McVeggie burger that will be trialed at Southern Australia locations this year. The burger features a crumb-coated patty made from potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, and onions that is topped with cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, and pickles, and served on its signature sesame-seed bun. “We understand there’s a rising demand for vegetarian options, and we always look to give our customers more of what they want,” Jo Feeney, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Australia, told “We’re excited to be trialing the McVeggie burger in South Australia so our customers can give us feedback on it before we look to serve it up across the country.” The announcement of McDonald’s new menu item follows the launch of several meatless options at McDonald’s locations around the world. This year alone, the chain debuted a vegan bleeding burger at participating locations across Germany, which features Nestle’s new vegan Incredible Burger patty, as well as a vegan Happy Meal option across the United Kingdom, a McFalafel at its Swedish locations, and chickpea-based vegan chicken nuggets at its Norway locations alongside a vegan-friendly McFeast burger. In the United States and Canada, the chain has yet to update its menus with vegan options, but a petition with more than 200,000 signatures has been gaining traction to urge McDonald’s to bring a meatless option to the region.

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