This summer, adult beverage brand Proudly Vegan Wines will launch in the United States. The brand’s wine varietals are all vegan-certified and each bottle label features vegan ink and glue. Proudly Vegan Wines does not use common fining agents such as milk-derived casein, fish-derived isinglass, pig-derived gelatin, nor egg-derived albumen. Launched last year in the United Kingdom, the vegan brand is a subsidiary of 50-year-old British winemaker Broadland Wineries. “There is no reason why vegans shouldn’t enjoy great wine and be 100-percent confident that the liquid is in line with their diet and lifestyle, without sacrificing quality or authenticity,” Arabella Woodrow, director of winemaking and master of wine at Proudly Vegan Wines, said. “Vegan foods and flavors are so diverse and deserve an equally varied range of wines to pair with them, at an accessible price point.” The brand held its first launch event, a dinner that featured wine-pairings, at the San Francisco location of vegan eatery Gracias Madre earlier this year and plans to distribute its 2018 vintage Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé with Prosecco to debut in June.