A Vegan is Now in Charge of Advising the Israeli Government on Animal-Rights Issues 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed Tal Gilboa to advise him on animal-rights issues, a subject that has become important to him.


Vegan activist Tal Gilboa was recently appointed as the animal-rights advisor to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I asked Tal Gilboa to advise me on animal-rights issues, a subject that has gradually become closer to my heart,” Netanyahu said in a video statement. Gilboa—who called his appointment “a historic day for animals”—founded animal-rights organization Israeli Animal Liberation Front (now known as Total Liberation) and is known as the winner of Season 6 of the Israeli version of reality show Big Brother. Gilboa is not the only animal-rights activist to have a say in Israeli’s government. Last month, Israeli politician and vegan Miki Haimovich requested that her leather seat in the plenum of Israeli’s national legislature be replaced with one made with animal-free materials because it represented the unnecessary suffering of animals for leather products.

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