To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Hilton Hotels published “Checking Into 2119,” a forward-thinking report that imagines the world 100 years from now when Hilton predicts most food options will be plant-based. “In 2119, our diets will be predominantly plant-based,” the report stated. “Climate concerns will see us supplement farmed meats such as beef and lamb with lab-grown and 3D-printed alternatives.” While Hilton predicts that animal products such as mussels and insects will still be consumed, food production will shift toward environmentally friendly practices such as vertical hydroponic farms and planting completely new crops on other planets. Hilton imagines that its hotels will be made from eco-friendly materials and offer guests hyper-personalized experiences through new technologies, including fitness options such as running a marathon on the moon. “One hundred years from now we will be meticulous in the resources we call upon to build our hotels,” Olaf Kitzig, founder and CEO of Kitzig DesignStudios, said. “Dredged ocean plastic and recycled waste will be typical building materials as technology allows us to find increasingly innovative ways of turning our trash into treasure.” The world in 2119 will be populated by the great-great grandchildren of Generation Z and, according to Hilton, humanity will have survived disastrous events brought upon by irresponsible production and consumption practices, and collectively work toward mitigating future catastrophes by living sustainably. “Global awareness of environmental issues will mean only brands that are net-positive will succeed,” Daniella Foster, Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility at Hilton, said. “There will be a shift in the way that our entire economies operate globally. The world will move away from the make-use-dispose model and towards one that ensures resource efficiency and circular thinking is baked in from the very beginning.” In January, Hilton took a step toward making the hotel of the future with the launch of its first all-vegan suite in London.