From June 17 until July 15, international fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will add the vegan Imposter Burger to its menu at 20 select locations in London, The Midlands, and Bristol in the United Kingdom—with a potential expansion planned should the option prove popular. The new burger (£2.99/$3.79) will feature a vegan chicken patty specially made for KFC by vegetarian brand Quorn Foods and seasoned with KFC’s secret blend of spices, which is served with vegan mayonnaise and lettuce on a sesame seed bun. “Vegans have been cruelly denied the incredible taste of KFC up to now, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect The Imposter—a vegan burger that the Colonel would be proud of,” Victoria Robertson, Chief Vegetable Enthusiast at KFC UK and Ireland, said.” KFC began developing the option last year and worked closely with Quorn to perfect the recipe. “We thought developing a vegan menu item is really important,” Robertson said. “We’ve worked hard to perfect the Imposter. More people are choosing plant-based diets and reducing the amount of meat they eat. It’s about time we launched something for them.” In May, Kevin Hochman, KFC United States President, teased that the company has been considering adding vegan chicken to the menu and revealed that executives are discussing the matter with “the big guys.”

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