A new vegan egg alternative made of chickpeas, oats, and carrots recently debuted in Canada. Eggcitables was created by Nova Scotia-based entrepreneur Hannah Chisholm, who wanted an all-in-one, nutritionally dense vegan egg that simplified cooking and baking by removing the challenge of working with other egg replacements such as tofu, flax, banana, and applesauce. The dry mix is combined with water to create an egg, which can then be cooked to make vegan egg-based meals such as omelets and scramble or used as a binder in baking. “From a nutritional perspective, combining grains (oats) with legumes (chickpeas) can provide you with a source of complete protein and enable you to receive all the essential amino acids, and carrot powder is particularly high in potassium and fiber,” Chisholm told VegNews. “From an environmental perspective, pulses and oats use significantly less water than animal protein sources and produce a fraction of the carbon emissions. We also wanted to be able to support local farmers and encourage plant-based agriculture in Canada. We have a thriving pulse industry, so we wanted to be able to support that growth and develop innovative products using these ingredients.” Eggcitables is available in select stores in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario, and Alberta. Chisholm plans to partner with a distributor in the coming months to expand across Canada and hopes to be in at least one major supermarket chain by Summer 2020. The company is also developing several new products which will launch later this year, including a bulk version of Eggcitables for the food service industry.