New Web Filter Turns the Internet into a Vegan Shopping Paradise

The Vegan Filter makes buying vegan groceries, cosmetics, and apparel easier than ever.


British technology startup Xarista recently launched “The Vegan Filter,” a free browser add-on for Google Chrome. The Vegan Filter curates retail websites to only display vegan options to help shoppers navigate cruelty-free products. “We crave what we know. And what we know is what we see,” The Vegan Filter creator Isabella Aberle said. “What if we could only see vegan products when shopping online?” The free browser extension currently works with select UK retailer websites, including TopShop, Sainsbury’s, and Holland & Barret, with expansion plans in the works. “Being presented with vegan-only products lends long-time vegans a hand, as well,” Aberle said. “Never before have there been more vegan products introduced to the UK retail market than in 2019.”

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