Vegan pork products Omnipork and Omnimince by Right Treat, will expand to Thailand and China by the end of the year. The brand was developed by eco-conscious entrepreneur David Yeung who also founded (now vegan) grocery and café chain Green Common in Hong Kong—where he was the first to bring Beyond Meat and JUST products. Yeung created the vegan pork products—which launched last year in Hong Kong and Macau—to appeal to the palettes of various Asian cultures in an effort to curb the increasing meat consumption in the region. “We are bringing this whole portfolio of plant-based products throughout Asia, in Hong Kong where we are based, in Macau, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. All these countries will have these products by the end of this year with Beyond Meat and, of course, Beyond Burger,” Yeung told Foodnavigator Asia. “The Thais’ palettes are different from the Chinese and Korean, so it requires a lot of effort to think of how to adapt locally … which is a huge factor to determine how successful the product launch will be.” In Thailand, Yeung plans to distribute Beyond Meat, Omnimince, vegan cheeses, and Gardein Fishless Filets to hotel, restaurant, and retail partners. In China, the product launch will focus on large catering companies, corporate cafeterias, supermarkets, and online marketplaces, along with hotel and restaurant partners.

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