Starting tomorrow, vegan food truck Cinnamon Snail will return after a four-year hiatus to the streets of New York City. Founded on Valentine’s Day 2010 by chef Adam Sobel, the truck encountered strict permitting guidelines when it first began operations in NYC, forcing Sobel to only serve his award-winning food at events and in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, Sobel secured a seasonal permit and will deliver the best of Cinnamon Snail’s menu to hungry New Yorkers this summer, including blue corn pancakes topped with pine nut butter, spicy Gochujang Deluxe Burgers, Lemongrass Five Spice Seitan Sandwiches, and a daily selection of 26 to 30 vegan doughnuts. “I have really missed getting to regularly visit some of our favey [sic] neighborhoods in Manhattan, and we are planning to return to most of the same great spots we used to frequent,” Sobel told VegNews, stating that the vegan food truck scene in NYC has not changed much in the last four years. “I am not really that shocked though, because the hoops NYC makes food trucks jump through are really only suitable for a crazy person to be willing to deal with,” Sobel said. “It doesn’t appear that in the past four or so years, anyone has really stepped in to provide the mobile vegan jam that we always used to. Of course, NYC in general has become way more vegan friendly which I am absolutely delighted to see.” In 2016, Cinnamon Snail opened its first brick-and-mortar location in NYC at the Pennsy food hall near Penn Station where the eatery continues to serve its creative vegan dishes and pastries. The truck will begin operations in Manhattan for three days this week, adding additional days in coming weeks, and locations of the Cinnamon Snail can be found on the company’s social media pages.

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