New brand Vegan Pig recently launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise £5200 ($6453) to begin production of its “shame-free scratchings” (vegan pork rinds). Founders Sean Johnson and Josh Pearce began developing the concept several years ago while eating pork rinds at a pub and wondering if they could instead eat meatless pork rinds to reduce their meat consumption. After failing to find vegan versions, the duo teamed up with food innovation company Tastehead which helped them create a soy-based version that mimics the crispy and fatty elements of traditional pork rinds. “We’ve created a Kickstarter campaign which, if successful, will enable us to go straight into production and go pub-to-pub selling our scratchings like a couple of muppets off The Apprentice,” the duo told VegNews. Once Vegan Pig is fully operational, it will sell its vegan pork rinds in 100-percent recyclable packaging.