On July 20, Philadelphia Brewing Co. will host the region’s first vegan beer festival. Vegan Beerfest will be a pay-as-you-go event that highlights Philadelphia Brewing Co.’s beers—which are all vegan. Vegan food will be provided by vendors such as Chef Jennifer Zavala, local bar Martha, beer-based ice cream company Philadelphia Brews Creamery, hot sauce company Witching Hour Sauce, and chocolate company Chocolate by Kevan. The festival will also include outdoor lawn games, live music, and adoptable dogs courtesy of Morris Animal Refuge. The goal of the festival is to not only provide vegan beer but also to educate drinkers about animal-based products used in beer, such as isinglass (derived from the bladders of fish) which is used as a fining agent to help filter yeast out of beer, and gelatin (derived from cows and pigs) which helps remove haze from finished beer. “More and more of our customers are identifying as vegetarian or vegan,” Philadelphia Brewing co-founder William Barton said. “Although most non-vegan beers are easy to spot, most beer drinkers are unaware of the fairly common practice of using animal-based ingredients [in beer].”