Black woman-led organization N.I.A.R.A recently partnered with beauty brand Lovengood Lips to release a hot pink vegan lipstick that supports Florida A&M University (FAMU), a historically black university. The 58-member group is comprised of women who attended FAMU and joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority in 2009. All proceeds from the $12 lipstick—which is promoted with the organization’s “The Beauty of Sisterhood” campaign—go toward campus beautification, scholarships, and female students at FAMU. “This collaboration has allowed us to bring ten years of HERstory full-circle, celebrating who we’ve become as women and the service impact we aspire to make for our ten-year celebration,” the founders state on the brand’s website. “‘The Beauty of Sisterhood’ is our unity, love, resilience, perseverance, and strength. It’s a symbol of a powerful and unbreakable bond that promotes excellence and togetherness. We are a true mirror reflection of one another with ten years of sisterliness down and a lifetime to go. N.I.A.R.A. is for us and by us.” Outside of the lipstick campaign, N.I.A.R.A supports female military members through its “Sister Soldier Project” by donating care packages filled with non-perishable goods and feminine products. Internationally, N.I.A.R.A. group members volunteer at orphanages to help children who are separated from their biological families. 

Photo credit: JWR Photography