Opting for soy milk instead of cow’s milk saves 328 bathtubs full of water per year, according to data released this week by Humane Society International (HSI) UK. According to HSI, drinking cow’s milk amounts to the equivalent in water usage of taking 343 baths annually. In addition to soy milk being a more water-efficient choice, choosing oat, rice, or almond milk instead of cow milk saves 317, 196, and 140 bathtubs of water per year, respectively. “With the plethora of plant-based milks out there, it has never been easier to ditch dairy,” HSI UK Director Claire Bass said. “Water scarcity is a huge problem for almost two-thirds of the earth’s population and this is only predicted to increase with global warming, so we should all be looking to cut down on our water usage. Plant-milks produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cow’s milk, so switching to plant-based products helps combat climate change, and saves cows from suffering, too.”

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