Porsche recently revealed new details about its upcoming Taycan electric vehicle, a car that will compete with electric car company Tesla. Porsche’s Taycan will have an option for all leather-free interiors—a goal Tesla is working on by removing leather from its steering wheel—made from Race-Tex microfiber that is comprised of mostly recycled polyester fibers. According to the car company, making its vegan-friendly interior cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent when compared to traditional animal-based materials. While the car will not be fully vegan due to animal materials present in adhesives and tires, the Taycan will feature floor mats made from recycled fishing nets. Porsche is slowly teasing the car’s new features and will reveal the final look of the Taycan EV in September. Porsche joins Audi, Volkswagen, and Volvo in developing leather-free options for their new vehicle lines.