Starting in September, vegan fashion brand VAUTE Couture will return from a hiatus to begin taking pre-orders on a limited production of vegan coats in its Lincoln and Casto styles. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart founded VAUTE in 2009 with the mission of eliminating the use of animals in the fashion industry by showing that vegan materials can be just as warm, fashionable, and comfortable as animal-derived wool, fur, and down. Last year, Hilgart paused production of VAUTE to pursue other projects—details of which are forthcoming—but has decided to temporarily relaunch the brand due to customer demand. “I missed you all so much! So grateful to be here with you wonderful humans, some of you from the very beginning. This will be our 11th year saying to the world: You don’t need animals to stay warm,” Hilgart said. “Each coat we make saves animals and supports local production and jobs, thanks to all of you.” The brand will also release archived styles via Instagram to the public in the coming weeks.