The world’s first vegan-friendly and climate-conscious exchange-traded fund (ETF) will launch on the New York Stock Exchange on September 10. The US Vegan Climate ETF, which will be traded under the ticker “VEGN,” is an investment fund that goes up or down in value according to the price movements of stocks in the particular index it tracks. Created by European vegan investing platform Beyond Investing, the fund will track the US Vegan Climate Index (ticker “VEGAN”) which was launched by Beyond Investing last year. The index avoids companies whose business models rely on animal exploitation (animal testing and animal-derived products) and removes fossil fuel and environmental threats such as plastic and agrochemicals, which are harmful to wild animals. “Our aim is to help vegans and animal activists take the pain out of their portfolios,” Claire Smith, Beyond Investing CEO, said. “So many compassionate people go to great efforts to avoid buying products that contain animal ingredients or have been subject to cruel testing, but when it comes to their investment options, they’re actively, albeit often unwittingly, supporting companies and industries that exploit and torture animals. Our ETF offers them the opportunity to invest in line with their values. And because we love humans as much as other animals, we have defense and human rights screens as well.” The fund was originally expected to start trading in January but was delayed because of issues relating to advisor registration. The ETF is available for clients in the United States and most other countries, except Europe due to regulations. Beyond Investing is working to create a suitable European structure.

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